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How to Use the JReviewBoardAPI

How to Use:

It was published only apis to read from Review Board. Just pass the review board(the project host).
ReviewBoardApi reviewBoardApi = new ReviewBoardApi("");
APIs Available so far:
public List<ReviewRequest> listAllReviewRequest(Date dateStart,Date dateEnd,String 
reviewStatus,String user,Integer maxResult) throws Exception
public List<ReviewRequest> listAllReviewRequestFull(Date dateStart,Date dateEnd,String reviewStatus,String user, Integer maxResult) throws Exception
public ReviewRequest getReviewRequest(ReviewRequest reviewRequest) throws Exception
public ReviewRequest getReviewRequest(Long reviewRequestId) throws Exception
public String executeApi(String api) throws Exception
public String executeApi(String api,Map<String,String> map) throws Exception
1.In the method(executeApi), you can pass the request parameters(fields) as described by Review Board Web API, see the example in the link. 2. You can accurate the results using these fields.


In case of development, you just need to checkout the code as a Java Project in Eclipse.

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